This document was developed for veterinarians and other persons that need, or want, both general information and guidance on how to use SentrX™ Animal Care, Inc. products. Also, it has been prepared to assist sales representatives of SentrX™ distribution partners in presenting SentrX™ products to potential buyers/users. For additional information, specific problems, or especially challenging applications, please contact the company at www.sentrxanimalcare.com or 1-801-583-2050.

SentrX™ Animal Care, Inc. is one of three companies resulting from the division of SentrX Surgical in 2006.

SentrX™ Animal Care, Inc. is a veterinary medical device company that is both science-driven and evidence-based. This means that the proprietary products offered by SentrX™ Animal Care, Inc. have arisen from science research laboratories, usually at a major research university, and that clinical/experimental evidence is available in peer-reviewed scientific literature and that the products work as claimed.

What products are currently available?

SentrX™ Animal Care, Inc. is currently selling two families of products for the horse and companion animal markets, one for various tissue repair applications and a second for the prevention of post-surgical adhesions in a variety of surgical protocols. In the US and Canada, the products are branded for the various markets as equitrX™, canitrX™, and felitrX™. In some instances, products for the different markets are presently the same formulation, while in other cases they are different. We recommend that each be used as intended, e.g., equitrX™ for horses, canitrX™ for dogs, etc.

What is the composition of SentrX™ Animal Care, Inc.'s products?

Although there are differences in formulation among the various products, in general they all consist of significantly chemically modified glycosaminoglycans and proteins. These are generally very large molecules that are chemically linked to one another to create a scaffold cell matrix. The "molecular scaffold" creates an ideal environment for cells to grow and differentiate into the appropriate tissue. The specific chemical formulation of each product is proprietary and is covered by US and international patents.

Do the products have a limited shelf-life?

SentrX™ products are ideally stored at room temperature or lower; however, it is recommended that they not be frozen. Under these circumstances, gels are stable for a minimum of 2.5 years.

How do these products accelerate scar-free healing?

When tissue is healthy, its extracellular matrix (ECM) provides support for cells and regulates communication between these cells. When an injury occurs, signals are released from these tissues that stimulate cells to repair the injury. Unfortunately, the process often leads to the formation of scar tissue rather than the appropriate new ECM. SentrX™ products provide matrices that work with the animal's natural repair system to encourage enhanced production of the appropriate ECM, leading to new healthy tissue, without scarring.

How and when should the products be used?

These hyrogels are designed to be used on fresh or debrided wounds. Because the products need access to healthy cells for healing, they do not work when applied to a mature, scabbed wound. The products should be applied directly to the wound surface, which can then be dressed in the normal way, as per the veterinarian's practice; though dressing is not necessary for the product efficacy.

How often must a product be applied?

This is the most common question from veterinarians using these products for the first time. It is a difficult question to answer and depends on the wound, the specific product and the health or age of the animal. The technology was developed in animal experiments using only a single application, so in fresh, healthy wounds in young animals, a single application will suffice to accelerate healing. In older animals where healing is usually slower, multiple applications may be necessary. In chronic wounds, especially those that have not responded well to other treatments, the wound may need repeated debridement followed by frequent re-treatment with SentrX™ Animal Care, Inc.'s products. Some very instructive case studies are available on the website at www.sentrxanimalcare.com.

What is the safety of SentrX™ Animal Care, Inc.'s product line?

SentrX™ products are very safe. The base chemical in SentrX™ Animal Care, Inc.'s product is naturally found in all vertebrates. It can therefore be expected to elicit no host immune response. In the dozens of scientific studies performed thus far, there has never been an untoward reaction. Additionally, in clinical use, there has never been a documented case of any untoward reaction in an actual patient.

What about using SentrX™ Animal Care, Inc. products in food animals?

SentrX™ products have not been approved for use in animals intended for human consumption.

What about using SentrX™ Animal Care, Inc.'s products in the face of contamination or infection?

Contamination will be present in nearly all naturally occurring wounds. Contaminated wounds should be thoroughly cleaned prior to the application of a SentrX™ product. In clinical reports, this has been effective. At this time, there are no scientific data to either indicate or contraindicate using SentrX™ Animal Care, Inc.'s products combined with topical antimicrobial agents. Managing contamination or potential infections systemically should always be considered by the attending veterinarian.

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