Virginia Tech Horse

Healing a dorsal metacarpal wound. (Figure A) Wound 13 days following primary closure by local veterinarian (partially dehisced). Sutures were removed, the wound debrided, exuberant granulation tissue along the proximal margin was trimmed. (Figure B) The same wound 7 days following debridement.  The exuberant granulation tissue was trimmed at this time and two further times over the following 8 week period.  At that time, the wound had become quiescent.  (Figure C) Wound 2 days following final trimming of granulation tissue and immediately prior to first application of Equitrx film.  (Figure D) Five days after initial application of Equitrx film.  (Figure E) Three weeks after the initiation of treatment showing a re-stimulation of the healing process.

Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

Figure D

Figure E
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