Penny ~ October 2009 ~ Canine ~ SentrX™ Corneal Repair Gel Drops

Dr. Phil Schoenborn ~ Bay View Veterinary Clinic, Muckwonago, WI

Penny was diagnosed with a superficial corneal ulcer in October 2009. Following multiple recheck appointments, antibiotic drops and even two grid keratotomy procedures, the owner and doctors were getting frustrated. Then they tried SentrX™ Corneal Repair Gel Drops. The owner used the drops in the eye three or four times a day, for nine days. Upon recheck, the ulcer was gone.

Penny - eye before
Day 1: SentrX™ Corneal Repair Gel Drops use begins
Penny - eye after
Day 9: Ulcer is healed
"This was the first time in 5 months that 'Penny' didn't have an ulcer on her eye. I am a believer."

– Dr. Phil Schoenborn
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