November 2008 ~ canitrX™ Wound Healing Gel

Kelly Zanella ~ Spa Alpacas, Ballston Spa, NY ~ Platinum Diva ~ Alpaca

From Kelly Zanella, Owner

"There was a very deep sore on the back of our alpaca's front leg. The bone was exposed. After two weeks of treating the wound and changing the bandages every day, the wound looked very ugly -- it had vastly increased in size, and bone was still visible; additionally, it had started moving up the leg to the elbow, and down to the ankle. I really began to panic...this was a real mess. We began treatment with SentrX™ Wound Healing Gel and followed the directions, which were very simple."

"On day four, when we finally unwrapped the bandages, I couldn't believe my eyes! The healing in those four days was dramatic. I have been raising animals for over 20 years and I have never seen anything work like SentrX™. I wish we had used SentrX™ initially on this animal, but, like a lot of us humans, I am a creature of habit; however, thankfully, you can teach an old dog a new trick. I learned that SentrX™ is a great, new product that all animal owners can benefit from, and that all vets should know about!"

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