May 2008 ~ felitrX wound healing gel

Dr. Patricia Kupanoff ~ Coco ~ Feline

This cat presented to Dr. Kupanoff on May 11, 2008 with a large wound at the base of his tail. The wound was infected and in need of debridement. Surgery was performed but the wound was not able to be closed with suture due to the diffi cult location and the size.

On day 2, felitrX gel was applied. Dr. Kupanoff continued to apply felitrX every day. As the tissue granulated in, it became more feasible to surgically close the wound. Several surgeries were performed, as the wound had to be closed in stages. FeltirX was used throughout the treatment of this wound, and accelerated the healing process enabling Dr. Kupanoff to successfully close the entire wound 16 days after initial presentation.

Day 1 ~ May 13, 2008 ~ felitrX applied

Day 4 of use with felitrX

Day 9 of use with felitrX. Surgical closure performed.

Day 16 of use with felitrX. Surgical closure performed.
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