May 2008 ~ equitrX wound healing gel

Dr. Cinda Velasquez ~ Ernie ~ Equine

Ernie suffered a serious injury. The wound was through the face into the oral cavity and was 5-6 inches long. He was seen by Dr. Cinda Velasquez. Ernie's wound was initally closed with suture. The repair was not healing and abscessed 4 days later. The wound was taken apart, thoroughly debrided and repaired again. The wound did not become infected, but was not granulating in and was starting to pull apart. Dr. Velasquez requested equitrx be sent overnight. Within 4 days of using the product, the wound had almost completely granulated in.

"I started treatment with equitrX and the wound was almost completely granulated in within 4 days. It has now been about a month and there is minimal scaring which can only be seen if looked at closely." - Dr. Cinda Velasquez

Original wound

Initial surgical closure

Wound abscessed post repair, Day 1 of equitrX use

Day 2 of equitrX use

Day 4 of equitrX use
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