Apr '06 - The healing ability of SentrX on Balloo

In April 2006, Dr. Alan Nixon, a well –known equine orthopedic surgeon at Cornell University and Dr. Ben Schachter at Wellington Equine, Wellington, FL, operated on Balloo to repair a fractured splint bone. While this bone repair was successful, Balloo developed a tendon adhesion that prevented normal locomotion. In September, a second surgery was performed to surgically free the tendon adhesion and SentrX’ equitrX biodegradable anti-adhesion film was inserted to prevent reformation of the original adhesion. One month later, Balloo was walking normally, ultrasound showed the adhesion to be absent and Balloo successfully competed in the winter of 2006-07.

April 2006
Plated MT4 4 months PostOP

September 2006
Ultrasound PreOP

October 2006
Ultrasound 4 weeks PostOP

Severed adhesion

SentrX anti-adhesion film
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