Fast Facts

SentrX™ Animal Care, Inc. wound care treatment products have been tested and have shown success in 7 animal species, including horses and dogs.

More than 50 studies have appeared in peer-reviewed scientific literature showing the use of SentrX™ products to promote superior healing of tissues.

Use of SentrX™ products reduces time of treatment by 50% in several different applications.

In 8-week studies of several animal models, wounds treated with SentrX™ products showed the same level of healing at Week 4 as non-SentrX™ treated wounds showed at Week 8.

SentrX™ products are currently involved in animal studies at University of Pennsylvania, Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University, North Carolina State University and Oklahoma State University.

The biotechnologies developed by SentrX™ have proven so innovative, they have been incorporated into additional companies for use in human therapeutics and drug evaluation.

At room temperature, SentrX™ Animal Care, Inc. products are known to have a minimum shelf-life of 2.5 years. SentrX™ products should be protected from both extreme heat and freezing.
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