SentrX™ Eye Gel Drops

SentrX™ Eye Gel Drops provide excellent support for acute injuries to the eye. These gel drops are composed of a crosslinked, modified hyaluronic acid, and provide an ideal environment to facilitate cell-migration thereby assisting the healing processes and reducing scarring of both epithelium and stroma. The crosslinking allows the material to maintain this environment for an extended period of time. SentrX™ Eye Gel Drops do not contain a preservative or antibiotic.

Indications: For use as an aid in the body's natural healing of acute, trauma-induced, non-infected corneal ulcers in dogs, cats, and horses.

"This was the first time in 5 months that 'Penny' didn't have an ulcer on her eye. I am a believer."
– Dr. Phil Schoenborn

Available in:

  • 10-pack of 3-mL treatment bottles

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