Heal Animal Wounds with Pet Wound Care Products

At SentrX, healing animal wounds is what we're all about. Our veterinary wound care products begin with the highest bioengineering technologies. Yet they end with the simplest of goals: Faster healing, Less scarring, And healthier animals.

Solutions that feel good

SentrX products create a synthetic matrix that naturally enhances an animal's own healing properties. Manufactured specifically for the unique needs of horses and small animals. Each product line is easy to apply, scientifically based, and proven to speed healing. Find out how SentrX technology can help horses, dogs, and cats-and why it's so appealing to veterinarians and owners.
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The SentrX™ Technology

Biomaterials that are manufactured by SentrX™ Animal Care, Inc. for tissue repair are sold in a number of countries under a variety of different brands.  For a specific country where products are available, the interactive map (left) illustrates how and where to purchase various products. Some products are only available for purchase directly from SentrX™ Animal Care, Inc., while others can be purchased from companies whose corporate logos are indicated on the map.  Simply click on the logo of choice, and you will be taken to a website that will facilitate the purchase of the many innovative products that these companies offer.

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